You’ll be surprised how we’ve grown over almost 40 years

Maple-Brown Abbott is one of Australia’s first boutique investment managers, having been established nearly 40 years ago. What began as an Australian value equity business is today a leading investment manager focusing on active management of differentiated listed equity strategies with a global client base. We remain a privately owned boutique with a focus on maintaining the integrity, ethical standards and culture that are the foundations of the firm.

We have three well-established investment teams focusing on the management of Australian Value Equities, Asian Equities and Global Listed Infrastructure. In recent years we have expanded to include investment teams specialising in Australian Small Companies, Global Emerging Markets and Asian Equity Income. Your future is our focus.

Asian equities

The Asian region rewards research, patience, discipline and experience. We have been investing in the region for 20 years, following companies and countries through different cycles to gain a deeper understanding of the risks and rewards.

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Asian equity income

Focusing on companies with both the ability and intention to sustain and grow attractive dividends, we believe we can offer a portfolio capable of delivering an attractive through-the-cycle total return with superior risk characteristics.  

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Australian small companies

We believe it is through combining our earnings-based valuation approach with a focus on sustainability that the strategy will deliver enhanced investment performance in Australian small companies.

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Australian value equities

We are a disciplined Australian equities value manager that has been managing Australian equities since we were established in 1984. Over time we have refined our investment process, however our commitment to value investing remains unchanged.

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Global emerging markets

Focusing on the impact of cyclical and structural change on companies, we use a rigorous and repeatable process to construct a concentrated portfolio which captures the opportunities offered by the dynamic nature of emerging markets.

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Global listed infrastructure

Established in 2012 as a partnership between the founding Principals and Maple-Brown Abbott, we use a tight definition of infrastructure assets with low-volatility cashflows and inflation protection to achieve diversification benefits with other asset classes.

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We offer Multi-Asset solutions for clients looking for portfolio diversification. This includes both tailored diversified portfolios to meet our clients’ specific needs as well as a pooled investment vehicle.

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Sustainability-themed investments

Our investments aim to address environmental and social issues such as climate change, resource management, financial inequality and disparity in living standards with purposeful capital investment.

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