Maple-Brown Abbott Global Infrastructure Fund – Institutional US Dollar

The Fund is actively managed and is invested in global listed infrastructure securities across regulated, contracted and concession assets that provide essential services, with a focus on sustainability and ESG factors. Generally, the securities in the portfolio have a market capitalisation greater than US$500 million.

We consider potential investments from a strictly selected infrastructure Focus List of around 110 companies across more than 20 countries based on a tight definition of infrastructure. Stocks on the Focus List are those the team believes provide the strongest combination of inflation protection and low volatility. 

The team conducts fundamental research, including meeting with the companies and regulators and building financial models on companies. The team looks for companies that have good governance, as well as perform well on environmental matters. This bottom-up research is combined with a top-down approach to managing macroeconomic risks.

We take a high conviction approach to ensure the strongest stock views are included in the portfolio. As a result, the portfolio is expected to have 25–35 global investments, diversified by country and sector. 

Investment objective

The Fund aims to outperform the benchmark over rolling five-year periods. The benchmark is an accumulation index, maintained daily by us, comprised of the OECD Total Inflation Index plus 5.5% per annum.

Fund facts
Fund inception date31/12/2015Class inception date31/12/2015
Base currencyUSDClass currencyUSD
ISIN codeIE00BYP0WK61BenchmarkOECD Total Inflation Index + 5.5% p.a
Minimum initial subscriptionUSD $ 1,000,000Annual management charge %0.85

Portfolio Managers

A dedicated, experienced and focused team of infrastructure investors

Andrew Maple-Brown | Co-Founder & Managing Director, Global Listed Infrastructure | Maple-Brown Abbott
Andrew Maple-Brown
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Global Listed Infrastructure
Justin Lannen | Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure | Maple-Brown Abbott
Justin Lannen
Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure
Steven Kempler | Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure | Maple-Brown Abbott
Steven Kempler
Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager, Global Listed Infrastructure

Fund performance^

as at 31/10/2023

Performance in USD1 mth %3 mths %1 yr % p.a.3 yrs % p.a.4 yrs % p.a.5 yrs % p.a.Since inception % p.a.*

^Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. No warranty can be given for future performance. Returns are volatile and may fluctuate quickly and significantly. The fund’s performance is based on the movement in net asset value per share and is before tax and after all fees and charges. Tax credits are not included in the performance figures. Source: Maple-Brown Abbott
* Inception date is 31 December 2015.

Forms and fund information

Proxy voting outcomes 

The table below shows how we have exercised our vote for global listed infrastructure securities held in the Maple-Brown Abbott Global Infrastructure (UCITS) Fund for the 12 months to 30 June 2023.

MeetingsResolutionsVoted with ManagementVoted against ManagementAbstained
Number 34540489510

The data reflects where we have voted for or against management recommendations. Of the 51 'against' votes, 29% related to the appointment of a Director, 24% related to executive remuneration, and 57% related to other governance matters including shareholder rights, Board independence and committee appointments.

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